Greystone Homes Energy Star Qualified Homes

Greystone Homes is a proud partner in the energy star program. Many of our homes have earned the Energy Star rating and are verified to meet the EPA’s guidelines.

Energy Star Homes Features

1. Tight Construction -

2. Energy Star Appliances - Greystone Homes uses only energy star qualified appliances. These Energy Star appliances provide additional energy savings to the homeowner.

3. Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment -

4. Effective Insulation – Properly installed, Cincinnati climate approved insulation in walls, floors and attics ensures even temperature throughout your new home, uses less energy consumption and provides comfort to the homeowner.

5. Third-party verification -

6. High-performance windows -



Benefits of an Energy Star Home

1. Smart Investment -

2. Lower Utility Bills -

3. Reduce your Carbon Footprint -

4. Better Performance -